Friday, July 10, 2009

An Ode to waves.

Meager swell conditions with a utterly terrible forecast has forced me to look deep in the archives for some wave abstraction. 

It has felt like groundhog day on the Central Coast lately, every morning there is a dense fog layer and every afternoon it blows out.. Like clockwork. Biding the time I have been doing some Climbing, working on Intern'l submissions and trying to make sense of this years "El Nino" rumors. I guess we will have to wait and Sea...
 Anyone around Santa Barbara area should cruise over to Latitude Gallery on Saturday 11th for a Surfrider Foundation Art show that is going to be called, Closest Thing to Walking On Water. Should be a killer show.


  1. the river wave is my favorite

  2. burkie, your killing it, central america stuff was great, come on down to the oc for some flash work would ya....