Monday, July 6, 2009


Closest Thing to Walking on Water

“The realms of art and surfing merge in the work of artists who surf and surfers who make art. The individuals who straddle the worlds of contemporary art and cutting-edge surfing are united by a sense of freedom from social norms and received opinions.”

    -Bolton Colburn Surf Culture


This exhibition highlights the work of surfing artists and art-making surfers. This breed of creative beings is united by their alternative lifestyle and the thrill of free expression, whether it is walking on water or pushing paint across paper. Our lack of words to define the excitement we get from such simple pleasures, as brushing our hand along the face of a curling wave, is what leads us to the universal language of visual imagery. We struggle to describe how it feels when time slows as we glide through a glowing green tube at sunrise, so we attempt to capture the tactile sensation through art, virtual and poetic representation. We seek the perfect means to express the inexpressible, be it with a slab of clay or a peeling right point break. Whether we make our art about surfing because we want to relive the moment or share the exhilaration of what it means to be alive, our passion for this activity translates into our work. With this show, we investigate what motivates us as surfers and artists to capture the physical act of surfing through a variety of art forms.                                                                                                                          -Katie McLean

Opening Reception:
Live Music by Travers Adler
Beverages by New Belgium Brewing and Barefoot Wine & Bubbly

Santa Barbara Chapter 
will benefit from the opening reception's beverage sales
and 10% of art and photography sales.

Latitude Gallery
20 Helena Ave.
Santa Barbara, Ca 93101

Thursday-Saturday 12-6pm
Sunday 11-5pm
&by appointment

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