Monday, June 27, 2011

Beat the Monday's Volume 27!!!

In light of all the incredible music that's been released in this glorious year of 2011, This post is going to highlight two artists who have already been featured on beat the Monday's. But this post is in honor of their new albums...and to me it seems their new music is AS GOOD if not BETTER than the original.

FLEET FOXES: New Album "Helplessness Blues"
"Helplessness Blues"

"Grown Ocean"

BON IVER: New Album "Bon Iver"



  1. Hi Chris!! I recentlly discover your blog and i really like it. Yesterday i bought your book " The Californian Project" via amazon. It takes 15 days to have it, because i live in Montevideo, Uruguay. I will keep visiting!!

    l o v e

  2. awesome!!! if you ever make it to california i would love to sign it for ya!!