Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Being an artist is a lot about being open to other artists and their creativity, their unique talents, and allowing other's passions to inspire you. I derive most of my inspiration from nature, God's creations etc...but every once and awhile someone's view or interpretation of nature really leaves an impression on me. The beautiful/scary thing about the internet is that you can find yourself getting lost (maybe for hours); each click taking you deeper into someone else's world, a climb I've been dying to try, a song I didn't know existed, a story pulled straight from someone's thoughts. The other night I stumbled upon something beautiful, that has stuck with me and I know I need to share it, in hopes that someone else out there getting lost in the internet will find themselves pressing play and escaping in this short film. Anyone who appreciates life, growth, and nature will truly enjoy this:

Growing is Forever from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

A quick shout out to the blog that brought this film onto my computer, an inspiring collection of art and photography can be found @ themagicbuscollective.com take a cruise around, you never know where it could take you.


  1. dude. one word: epic. thanks for sharing that.

  2. amazing video. vimeo is just great. if you haven't seen this yet, i'd take a look, pretty inspirational: http://vimeo.com/14074949

  3. Sadly, sometimes it is easy to take things like this for granted, because you see it more often than other folks... yet, take a walk in a grove, feel the energy, embrace the silence and it changes you. The video is a subtle reminder of how blessed I am to live where I do. I see these trees a lot.