Monday, March 14, 2011

Beat the Monday's Vol 17!

This beat the Monday is inspired from my big 25th birthday Big Sur trip!!! The wife and I started off the day with a tsunami watch and did the smart thing and drove up the coast haha. We had an insane lunch at Sebastian's in San Simeon (I am typically vegetarian but gave myself the birthday present of Hearst Ranch beef), and then we cruised our way to Treebones of the most beautiful places to stay in Big Sur, with incredible food and amazing water...sounds weird but their water is from their own deep water well and I couldn't get enough of it. The food is so good there that the Food Network was doing a show there so keep your eye out for Brea and I's big network debut. We stayed in the nest, the picture shows that its name fits it. Brea got us tickets to this folk concert at Fernwood so we drove up to the valley and watched one of the most entertaining shows I've seen in awhile. The Cave Singers are from Seattle, Washington, which makes sense cus most of the best music I've heard hails from there. I've had their music on constant rotation ever since we left the concert and I'm addicted to the sound and energy of their music, the lead singer was an incredibly natural performer and their guitarist had incredible skill. Enjoy a photo of our view at fernwood above.
This is my birthday gift to you: THE CAVE SINGERS!!

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