Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just in Time for Christmas--Sector Nine Setups

For the past few years I've done a lot of work with Sector Nine Skateboards, they've been incredibly supportive, and it's a great opportunity to have my work displayed on different mediums. So when the swell is non-existent, I hope to see you guys on one of these bad boys.


  1. I love the boards! I really didn't need a new one but I'm a sucker for a pretty longboard! They are absolutely gorgeous! I might need to get one for my wife for Christmas!

  2. Hey Amanda, Brea told me she bets Laura would love one!

  3. i got the board furthest right on the pic with 3 boards. i love it. how much were they originally? i bought mine for FORTY DOLLARS :D!!!! this kid won it in a drawing at a downhill hill thing, and didnt skate at all. i said how much? i thought hewas going to say at least $80, but nope, $40!